Practice Name: Hearts for Hearing

Users: 80+

Providers: 40

Specialty: Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Time in practice: Since 2003

Location: Oklahoma City, OK



Challenge: To find the right software and vendor.   With experience under their belts, they knew what worked and what did not. The business has two distinct specialty needs so the solution must have flexible content. The business is funded via a variety of private and public sources and therefore their reporting needs are sophisticated. Finally, a complex regulatory environment demanded efficient completion of forms and specific documentation for audit compliance.

The Situation: Paper Records and Outdated PM System replaced by an Electronic Medical Records system that was then Discontinued. MICA and IMS to the rescue.

Hearts for Hearing was established in 2003 to provide funding for the initial set of hearing aids for children with hearing loss in Oklahoma. In 2007, the mission was expanded to become a comprehensive hearing health program for both children and adults, offering auditory-verbal therapy. In 2013, to meet the growing demand for adult hearing healthcare, the mission expanded again to open a clinic specifically designed for adults.


Leading into 2013, Hearts for Hearing was in need of a new Practice Management System (PMS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) system due to their current system being discontinued. Prior to their current system, they were using paper records.   Even after implementing an EHR, they still were on paper in many regards due to certain inefficiencies.


Because of their specialties, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, they needed a system that provided the customization and individualization to document their patient encounters in a manner similar to what they had been doing for years on paper. They found that unlike other EHRs, the Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) suite gave them the ability to match their charting styles.

Solution: A completely integrated, user-friendly,   IMS platform was the best choice.   This platform was customized and individualized by MICA Information Systems to fit the Hearts for Hearing unique demands.

Director of Administration Sherry Edwards, Executive Director Joanna Smith and Clinical Supervisor Carly Graham were very involved in the search for the right solution, as their relatively new solution was being discontinued by their vendor. By already having experience with implementing an EHR, they knew what worked and what did not. Ms. Graham needed a user-friendly, flexible documentation solution. Additionally, Ms. Edwards was looking for the best service organization for their long-term needs.

Hearts for Hearing started with a comprehensive questionnaire to be able to assess capabilities from new vendors as well as their current provider’s new offering. From the responses to this questionnaire and a review of vendor references, a short list of possibilities was determined. After completing vendor demonstrations and proposals, Hearts for Hearing selected the Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) suite from MICA Information Systems, Inc.

The reasons for selecting IMS from MICA Information Systems were numerous. First, IMS offered the easiest-to-use, most flexible in documentation style and most complete solution. IMS is much more than an EHR, it is a solution for an entire electronic office.   Secondly, Hearts for Hearing has advanced reporting needs due to their organizational structure and funding.   IMS was able to easily address all of their reporting needs for the present and future. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there was a need for a vendor/partner relationship. Hearts for Hearing desired a long-term relationship that had their best interests at heart. The responses received from MICA’s clients and business partners made MICA a choice that was ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest.

Results: An organization utilizing technology to improve efficiency and productivity. A recent quote from Director of Administration Sherry Edwards says it all:

“Hearts for Hearing employees participated in our annual strategic planning meeting yesterday. Numerous times it was said that IMS has made a world of difference in the way we are able to conduct our business. All of these professionals have families to get home to at night. It’s been said that you can’t add hours to the day, but theoretically you and your team have.

Thank you for giving our organization the tools it needs to succeed.”

Sherry Edwards

  Benefits Experienced:

  • More efficient use of provider and employee time
  • Happier staff
  • Better regulatory compliance
  • Easier and more comprehensive reporting
  • Accounts receivable and payment automation
  • Timely and courteous service and support

Unique needs customized and individualized