IMS Televisit

The Future of Healthcare is Now

Telehealth has emerged as the single most crucial technology during the coronavirus pandemic, enabling providers to continue caring for patients while keeping their practices safe. MICA provides the option of IMS Televist; a telehealth option with fully-integrated and powerful capabilities.


Why Televisit?

  • Telehealth is a service that patients specifically seek out.
  • Interfacing remotely promotes public safety and personal safety.
  • Telehealth has seen steady growth in popularity – even before COVID-19.
  • Less burden on staff, and more efficient practice
  • Easy for patients and providers


Why Choose IMS Televisit?

  • Fully integrated with IMS
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Reliable and supported by us at MICA
  • Less work, fewer accounts, and less clutter



Video Demonstration of IMS Televisit





Full List of Tools and Apps:





    Care Portal             Patient Alerts                 eFax





   Self Check-in            Mobile EHR            Patient App





      Televisit          Payment Processing     Appt. Booking