Physical Therapy Specific EMR Software

MICA Information Systems, Inc. is a provider of the leading Fully-Certifed EMR/Practice Management Suite for the field of Physical Therapy. The software is specifically designed for the needs of typical physical therapy offices as well as multi-office clinics and includes document management, letter templates, appointment scheduling, patient photo album (image management), and an online patient health portal.

This unique physical therapy EMR software can be used by physicians throughout the entire country. It guarantees to streamline a wide range of daily office tasks, including billing and patient flow management. With the assistance of practicing physical therapists, we created a system that has proven to reduce expenses, streamline the business, and improve the accessibility of patient and business records.

EHR System & Supporting Services

Over the last 36 years, our team has developed the tools and experience to create highly successful EHR, electronic health record, software. We are able to customize each and every system for the unique needs of our clients and their practices. The content of the software is tailored to the physical therapy field through a number of specialty features that specifically pertain to the types of information, documents, and records that must be stored and organized by physicians.

Physical therapists will benefit from:

  • Physical therapy specific clinical documentation content, patient plan of care, and education customized to fit your practice
  • Automation of procedure reports and billing
  • Interface with your favorite vitals collection and imaging devices
  • Ability to manipulate & draw on images within the visit note
  • Clinical data mining reports
  • Electronic consent forms
  • Electronic diagnostic ordering and receipt
  • Referral tracking module
  • Customizable and secure “patient portal” for ease of communicating instructions or lab results to patients
  • Automated appointment confirmation by phone, e-mail, or text message
  • Custom, individualized letters that can be e-mailed or faxed directly from the EMR for ease of communication with patients or referring MDs

Additionally, we offer outsourced services that work alongside our software in order to improve the operations of a medical office. Some of these beneficial services include:

  • Data Hosting
  • Data Backup
  • IT Hardware
  • Network Services


Since our inception, we have developed a reputation for 100% satisfaction. Not only is our software easy to use, but it is also affordable and effective.  Should any system issues arise in the office, you can depend on our certified technical support team.

If you are interested in learning more about our physical therapy EHR software, contact us today. Our team would be more than happy to show you the benefits of our specialized systems and services. We work with clients throughout the United States and we can help you implement an EHR designed for your specialty that will make you happy. Our IMS Software is fast, easy to learn and use, and it works!