As a patient centered medical home, your practice has committed itself to providing your patients with the highest quality care, and an EHR can help you do that.  MICA will ensure that your system is optimized for your practice and teach you how to take advantage of Meditab IMS’ complete interoperability and reporting powers.

With MICA and IMS you will be able to:

  • Enhance your patients’ access to their medical data using the patient portal
  • Improve continuity of care with the ability to easily fax visit notes or export patient charts
  • Make sure that your patients are getting appointments with other specialists in a timely manner using the referral tracking feature
  • Empower your patients to manage their conditions by providing handouts that can be printed, emailed, and posted on the web
  • Measure your performance on numerous care criteria using a variety of reports
  • Identify and manage populations of patients with similar conditions using patient special search or reports