EHR Software for Surgeons

In the field of ambulatory surgery, it is key to have an intuitive and provider-friendly electronic medical record system.  MICA Information Systems will provide your surgery center with an EHR system that will allow your providers to document their procedures in a manner that is clear, concise, and easy to share with other physicians.

We understand that the documentation needs of surgeons change as their patients move through the surgical process.  MICA and IMS aim to make documentation easier at each step, from pre-operative care to communicating surgical results to other providers, so you can focus on caring for your patients.   You can easily customize templates for each part of the patient care process and each physician can choose to create his or her own content.  IMS’ reports will make it easier than ever to manage specific patient populations, monitor adverse events, and manage patient flow. IMS comes packed with the types of patient education documents that are crucial for surgery patients and will allow you to simplify the billing process through linked ICD and CPT codes.

MICA can customize your Meditab IMS system so that your surgical center has a simple workflow from front desk to back office.  MICA clients experience improvements in the clarity of their documentation, reduced expenses, fewer insurance claim rejections, and better continuity of care for their patients.

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