As a federally-qualified health center (FQHC), you strive to provide high quality care to the uninsured and underinsured.  Because most of the millions of Americans that depend on your services have Medicare or Medicaid, having a fully-certified electronic medical record system like Meditab IMS is crucial for providing the best patient care and avoiding Medicare/Medicaid payment reductions. MICA will help you at each step of the EHR implementation process, providing installation, customization, training, and software support.  We will make sure each component of your software is tailored to the FQHC environment to help improve your office’s workflow, reduce errors, and give your patients the care they deserve.


MICA and Meditab understand that it is important for FQHCs to be able to bill individuals based on their ability to pay for services. The ability to assign fee schedules and payment classes to your patients based on a variety of factors like income level and number of dependents is a key feature of IMS for FQHCs. You will have the flexibility to customize your system to meet the standards set by your area. Fees can be set based on discounts, service co-pay sliding scales, or a combination of both.


IMS and MICA strive to increase the efficiency of each practice by making each employee’s workflow as streamlined and intuitive as possible, from front office to billing office.  You can save your employees time and energy by utilizing the features of IMS.


  • View the schedule by day, week, or month
  • Schedule appointments in multiple locations
  • Easily control which providers appear on the schedule
  • Right-click access to all patient information
  • Give your patients directions to your office from their address
  • Automated Appointment Reminders via Phone, E-Mail, or Text Message with Confirmation
  • Easy to use wait list feature
  • Ability to send letters to large groups of patients easily
  • Insurance authorization and eligibility management


You can use your Meditab IMS EHR to verify that your patients have valid insurance policies before they set foot in the office.  With the click of a button, you can send an eligibility check to any payer, learn your patient’s co-pay amount, and check whether the patient has a balance remaining to be applied to their deductible.


Meditab IMS makes check-in and check-out easy for your front desk staff with it’s all access check-in screen and a check-out screen that reminds them what is yet to be done.  Staff will be able to quickly scan insurance cards, print forms to be filled or informational letters, collect patient signatures, and attach a photo of the patient to their chart.  IMS will remind your front desk staff to collect your patient’s co-pay, tell them what the co-pay amount is, and allow them to easily document collection.  On check-out, IMS makes it easy to schedule follow-up visits and print important documents like clinical summary letters, appointment cards, and clinical care instructions. IMS provides options for offices who prefer to be even more automated as well; practices who choose to use the kiosk feature can allow their patients to check themselves in, sign consents, and collect informational letters from a designated workstation in the waiting room.


Meditab IMS allows you to interface with many of your favorite biometric data collection devices.  Simply take your patient’s vitals and synch the blood pressure cuff, thermometer, or scale to the interface and IMS will collect data for you.

Documentation simplified:

Providers Love IMS for many reasons, here are a few of them:

  • Fully Certified with both CCHIT & ONC-ATCB 2014
  • Eligible for ARRA EHR Incentive meaningful use stimulus money
  • Easily customizable for your specialty, practice, and providers
  • Right click access to entire patient charts
  • Easy to use with tablets or touch screen computers
  • Compatible with dragon and other voice dictation software
  • Makes documentation faster using the ability to copy a patient’s medical histories, use global templates, or the ability to copy a patient’s previous visit information
  • Choose whether to write notes or draw on an image
  • Store your data on the web, using a server, or in the cloud
  • Use the fax service to fax documents directly out of IMS and receive documents and refill requests in electronic form
  • Send prescriptions (even for controlled substances) electronically
  • Order labs and recieve lab results from the system using HL7 technology
  • Generate careplans or post-operative instructions for your patients from letter templates
  • Link ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, and follow up visit recommendations to documentation
  • Get a CPT code suggestion based on electronic E&M logic
  • Quickly send pre-filled letters to groups of patients from the schedule
  • Schedule follow up visits easily on check-out
  • Create an electronic superbill that can be easily double-checked from the “to be billed” area

better preventative care:

The health maintenance module allows providers to set yearly recall visits for their patients, monitor the percentage of patients who receive preventative care at their visits, and much more.

Get your patients the medication they need:

IMS’ quick and easy electronic prescribing module will allow you to cut your patients’ wait time at the pharmacy by sending their prescriptions before they’ve even left the office.  The e-prescribing module makes refills easy too!  You can authorize refills with one click of a button at the bottom of the electronic refill request fax.


IMS allows you to keep a database of specialists who you commonly refer your patients to, and the referral tracking module allows your front desk staff to track who needs a specialist and note when that patient has been scheduled with the specialist.

code your visits more effectively:

IMS’ built in E&M logic takes the guesswork out of completing a superbill.  Use the CPT advisor to generate the appropriate office visit level based on the extent of the HPI, ROS, and exam you completed.


IMS makes it easy to keep your patients informed and feeling in control of their medical information.  Meditab IMS’ portal allows you to create a custom page where you can securely communicate with your patients through a messaging system or by posting lab results, summaries of their visit, or post-visit instructions.


Save your billers time by allowing IMS to auto-post your insurance payments from EOBs and ERA’s!

Intuitive and easy to access chart view:

With IMS, you will never have trouble finding your patients’ information.  With just one click, you can access your patients’ charts, stored in an easy-to-navigate manila folder layout to keep data stored in an intuitive and organized manner.

ensure you meet meaningful use:

IMS has a special reporting system in place to make sure you are following the steps to meet meaningful use.  MICA’s knowledgeable staff will interpret this report for you and train you on what it takes to earn your EHR incentive check.  MICA will be by your side from documentation all the way through the attestation process.

your finances deserve good health too:

IMS provides reports and digital graphs that allow your office manager and billers to easily check any metric of your practice’s financial health. Use the dashboard or any of IMS’ 400 reports to check provider productivity, generate the schedule, analyze insurance payments, keep a log of the daily deposit, ensure your patients are being seen in a timely manner and much more.

Don’t forget:

The MyTasks screen makes it easy for everyone in the office to complete their day’s work.  From one screen, staff can review documents/faxes forwarded to them, send and receive notes about a patient or reminders to complete a task, review and record lab results, and sign off on patient visit notes.  Your office will experience more effective communication and increased efficiency.

Manage claims electronically:

IMS’ claims management screen allows you to sort claims, preview the information to be sent in each batch, and edit claims from the same screen.  Before you send your claims, IMS scrubs them and finds any missing data.  If IMS finds an error, it points you directly to the part of the patient information that is missing, allowing you to fix the claim quickly without leaving the claims area.  IMS users benefit from the ability to send claims directly from the software to the insurance carrier or clearinghouse and the ability to automatically receive claim reports or ERA files back from the carrier.

Increase your revenue:

Use the dynamic accounts receivable module to sort by insurance carrier, by balance amount, or by patient.  Drill down to have all of your follow up information at your fingertips; see the carrier phone number, patient insurance ID and more at a glance.  The module allows you to quickly re-print or re-batch claims, schedule collection follow-ups, read the claim history, and access the patient ledger.  Practices across the country find that IMS’ easy-to-use collections module allows them to collect payment in a timely manner and increase their revenue.


The patient ledger makes it easy to see balance aging, broken down into patient responsible and insurance responsible.  The color coding makes it easy to follow the progress of charges and easily post payments or rejections, rebill them, transfer them to other payers, write them off, or make notes on the claim.  You can also see the entire claim history to ensure claims of timely filing and manage patient payment plans from the ledger.

Eliminate paper clutter and save time:

With IMS, you can reduce the amount of paper cluttering your desk and save time by sending and receiving faxes electronically.  Clients who use the fax service are able to fax custom letter templates and other patient information directly from the chart, cutting down on the time and expense of printing the document.  The fax service also eliminates the need to scan documents received from other practices; office staff will be able to assign the electronic copy of the document received by IMS to the patient’s chart.  The fax module also helps improve inter-office communication by providing the opportunity for your staff to forward documents to others in the office, which can be easily managed in MyTasks.

drug, Vaccine, and product management:

IMS can track the stock of your in-house pharmacy, your vaccine inventory, or any number of other products you may have on hand for your patients.  The point-of-sale module makes it easy to account for when patients purchase things like skincare items, orthopedic supports, or hearing aids.

IMS goes where you go:

IMS can be hosted via local server, one of MICA’s servers, in the cloud, or in a web-based environment.  MICA will ensure that you have access everywhere you need it; inside the office, at home, or on-the-go.  We will be there to install your software and make sure that your remote connections are functional.


The following are a few of the common payment methods:

  • With a Business Check or Cashier’s Check
  • Visa, Master Card or American Express
  • With a Bank Loan
  • With a Leasing Company
  • With a Stimulus Lease- payments are deferred for a period of time


Once you choose to implement your EHR, there will be a few details to hammer out to ensure a smooth transition to IMS and MICA support.  It is important to ask yourself the following questions and ensure that each of your staff members knows what is expected of them.

  • When would you like to “go live” and start using the software?
  • Who is responsible for communicating technical support issues to MICA?
  • Who is responsible for communicating the initial setup configuration of IMS and learning how to make changes for the future?
  • Who needs to be trained?
  • What days should training be completed?
  • How much training is needed per staff member?
  • Does your office need data converted from your old system?
  • What information do we need to get set up with RealMed?
  • Which insurance carriers do you send claims to?
  • Do you need new/additional hardware?
  • How many days of go-live training do you need?


The team at MICA have been learning about the day-to-day needs of our practices since 1979 and know what it takes to get a practice ready to begin using a new EHR system. To get providers and staff comfortable with the system, MICA offers a series of one hour training sessions, done over the internet, where we will show you what the system can do and answer any questions you have.  Your trainings will be completed with provider specialists Scott and Tommy or billing specialist Pat, based on your needs.  We have the capability to record training and send them to staff if needed.


MICA is experienced in conversion to IMS from the most popular EHRs out there.  You shouldn’t lose data.


You have carefully chosen the best EHR for your practice.  You and your staff have been diligent students during training, worked hard to get your visit note templates customized, and MICA has converted your old data into IMS.  It is now time to GO LIVE! It can be a little daunting to use a new software for the first time, so MICA staff will travel to be on hand in your office to assist you.


After go-live, MICA customer service is only a phone call away.  Call to speak with Tommy or your billing representative between 8am-5:30pm eastern time.