In order to improve public health and increase communication among physicians, the US government passed legislation mandating that information technology infrastructure be put in place that would allow medical professionals to securely send and receive health data about their patients. Physicians who use Meditab IMS electronic health record will have the exciting opportunity to be a part of this health information exchange (HIE) network. IMS Link™ interoperatibility technology will allow your practice to securely send and receive information from your patients’ other medical providers, regardless of what electronic medical records system the other party uses.   The benefits of participating in the health information exchange with other physicians that participate in the care of your patients include:

  • Elimination of duplicate prescriptions, labs, and vaccinations
  • A clearer overall picture of patient health status, leading to more accurate diagnoses
  • Reduced risk of adverse effects caused by forgotten or omitted drug allergies
  • Reduced costs associated with printing, copying, faxing, and mailing patient medical records