IMS Can Help You Stay Organized

As hospital conglomerates become larger, it almost becomes a necessity for all providers within the hospital network to use the same EHR system.   MICA Information Systems can customize your Meditab IMS EHR system for the needs of each individual provider within the hospital’s umbrella, allowing your hospital system to improve coordination of care without sacrificing the needs of your individual private practices.

Hospital systems who have implemented IMS Meditab have experienced reduced expenses, improved clarity of documentation, and improved continuity of care within the system.

IMS EMR Features

MICA’s IMS Meditab EHR system will allow your providers to automate as much of the clinical process as they would like.  Everything from patient appointment reminders to documentation can be completed with one click if desired. Meditab IMS’ reports can help you gather clinical data crucial to monitoring patient risk and many of the billing features are designed to help you minimize coding and diagnosis errors.  Meditab IMS and MICA can help you reduce stress, improve patient care, and increase revenue.